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Q:      How old do I need to be to hire a vehicle from Jumbo Van Hire?
A:       All drivers must be 25 years – 70 years

Q:      What time can I collect from?
A        We are open for collection from 6:00 am Monday – Friday

Q:      What insurance cover do I need?
A:       All vehicles are fully compressive insured.

Q:      What will my excess be?
A:       This is set at £1000 but can be reduced to £500 please ask for further details.

Q        Who pays for damage?
A:       You will pay the first £1000 for any damage or £500 if reduced.

Q:      Can I take the vehicle out of the UK?
A:       Vehicles can only be used in the Mainland Uk

Q:      Can I smoke in the vehicle?
A:       It is the law you are not allowed to smoke in the vehicles

Q:      Can I take out additional covers or protections?
A:       Additional and extended covers may be purchased at the counter at start of rental.

Q:      Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior leaving the location?
A:       Yes, you have to check that the vehicle condition report reflects the actual vehicle condition. If an apparent defect is not listed, please proceed to a joint examination of the vehicle with the Jumbo Van Hire employee, in order to update the rental agreement.  

Q:      Will there be a deposit taken with my credit card when I pick up the van?
A:       Yes £250 will be taken

Q:      What documents do I need to present at the counter when I pick up my van?
A:       "You will need to present to our customer representative:

1) Your normal driving licence, issued by your country of residence (N.B. For licence holders from the UK, where the driving licence is issued in 2 parts, both parts of the licence need to be presented) and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions.

It will be requested at every rental. In addition to your normal Driving Licence, your International Driving Licence is also mandatory if your driving licence is written in a language different to the one of the renting country and/or in characters that cannot be read in the renting country. Note that your International Driving Licence is valid only if accompanied by your normal Driving Licence. Driving Licences must be valid in the country of rental.

2) Your identification document such as your passport or a utility bill issued less than 3 months ago and showing the same address as on the utility bill.

3) Your valid credit card with an expiry date after the due check-in date.
NOTE: Points 1) and 2) are applicable to all additional drivers, if any."

Q:      My driving licence has been stolen; can I present a theft declaration instead?
A:       Under certain restrictive conditions, the declaration of theft or loss of the licence may be accepted if the issue date is sufficiently recent in terms of local legislation and if the local conditions are fulfilled (to be checked locally).

Q:      Can I book a vehicle and pay for it even if I won’t be the person who picks it up and drives it?
A:       No, the Credit Card holder who pre-paid the booking has to be the main driver (renter) as this will be mentioned on the rental agreement.

Q:      If I have forgotten my driving licence, can I nevertheless take the vehicle?
A:       No. The driving licence is mandatory for renting a vehicle.

Q:      What is a Rental Agreement?
A:       The rental agreement is the formal contract, signed by Jumbo Van Hire and the customer (Renter) at the time of check-out, which shows the terms of the rental, the vehicle statement and the rate applied.

Q:      Can an agent explain the vehicle's controls to me?
A:       When picking up your rented vehicle, feel free to ask a member of staff to explain to you its main controls.

Q:      What happens if the van breaks down or if I have an accident?
A        "Jumbo Van Hire provide clients with complete 24-hour emergency road side assistance. The numbers to be called are printed on the rental agreement. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will receive prompt assistance. You must always remember to complete an accident report form, if an accident happens, giving a full account of the circumstances in which the accident happened. In the event of an accident, always make out a jointly agreed report with the other person involved. If you don't, you could be held liable for the cost of repairing the damage done to the rental vehicle. Please read carefully the rental terms and any instructions provided at time of pick-up. The price of main usual parts is available, so that the small damages can immediately be paid at time of return."

Q:      Can I drive into another country?
A:       No

Q:      What if I have a problem with the van?
A:       Jumbo Van Hire provides Emergency Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Details will be supplied at time of pick-up.

Q:      What do I need to do in the event of loss of keys?
A:       "In the event of loss of vehicle keys, you will need to contact the Jumbo Van Hire check-out location. It could take between 24 and 48 hours for you to receive the new keys. Additional service charges will apply, as the loss of keys is not covered by our insurance and protections."

Q:      What do I need to do in the event of Loss or theft of the vehicle?
A:       "The first thing will be to call the local police authority and next, to call the rental office. The vehicle key & the loss or theft declaration to the police will have to be provided to Jumbo Van Hire. Should you have the van stolen and not have the keys to return you will become liable for the full cost of a replacement van.

Q:      Do I need to carry out any vehicle maintenance during the rental?
A:       "Our vehicles are ready to rent once they have successfully passed all the preparation checks. During your rental and according to the mileage run, you will be required to perform customary inspections (oil level, tyre pressure ...) in accordance with reasonable and prudent use. You should stay alert for any signal from the warning lights on the vehicle's dashboard and take any necessary protective action.

Q:      Is there mileage limit for my rental?
A:       No you have unlimited millage on all rentals.

Q:      Rules of the Road
A:       " OBSERVE LOCAL SPEED LIMITS: ALCOHOL RISKS Every European country has laws against driving under the influence of alcohol and their permissible blood alcohol level is often extremely low. Drinking just one can of beer could put you in violation of the law in many countries. SAFETY BELT must be worn at all times. PARK ONLY WHERE IT'S PERMITTED


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